While I was brainstorming, I was thinking along the lines of building an app that was challenging and didn't already exist, which could help patients, and that is when I came up with this idea.

What it does

TherapySmart records and tracks patients' medications and allows patients to take full control of their medications. By constantly reminding them to take their medications, patients are less likely to forget their medications. There are a ton of other features such as progress reports and history, chatting with doctors, and looking for the closest pharmacies to restock supplies.

How we built it

I built the app on Android Studio using Java and XML.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraint. There were some technical issues as well, but most were able to be solved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Completing at least this much of the project. It's my first hackathon as well. I had a lot of learning about Android Studio and all the different things you can do on it.

What we learned

Value your time and a lot of technical skills such as implementing Google Maps into Android Apps and creating databases using SQL.

What's next for TherapySmart

Maybe publishing on the Google Play Store and a ton of other features to be introduced make patients' lives easier.

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