TherapyFlow was created as a tool to make hand therapy exercises more engaging, accessible, and quantifiable.

What it does

The VR tool makes mundane hand therapy exercises more fun by turning them into a rhythm game, tailored to the patient by the therapist.

How I built it

TherapyFlow is built for the Oculus Quest, utilizing the new hand tracking feature. It was built in Unity using the Oculus Integration package and some tools from MRTK-Quest.

Challenges I ran into

An early challenge was designing an engaging environment for a wide variety of ages. This included an early pivot from a physics based experience to a rhythm-based experience. A more technical challenge was developing custom pose recognition for typical therapy exercises, such that they are tough but attainable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of building something that solves a real clinical need. It was developed with the close guidance of a couple clinical advisers and shows promise in impacting the way they treat patients. I am also proud to have built the project by myself, including design, development, user testing, and iteration.

What I learned

I learned a lot by wearing every hat in the design and development process of this project. I learned how to quickly pivot early on in the design process. I also learned how to gather feedback early and often so that the development hours are spent wisely.

What's next for TherapyFlow

TherapyFlow is beginning a small study with Children's Hospital Los Angeles with the goal of presenting some early effectiveness findings at the American Society of Hand Therapists annual conference. Kyle will be looking for partners, guidance, and opportunities in order to keep improving this tool and to scale up.

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