I've always grown up being an introvert and I was always afraid to talk to people like my professor. The first year of college was rough because I was too shy to ask my professor for help. I felt like I was alone in this situation and then I realized I had social anxiety. I never really knew it was an actual disorder until I started reading peoples posts who too share the same experience. This inspired me to create an app that allowed user to speak/connect to therapists who have been through the same problems and experienced the same thing (that was the goal).

What it does

We created a website - And an app to implement the chat - Although both are still prototypes, we were able to create a sign up/register page, and a somewhat looking chat interface.

How we built it

We used android studios to implement a name form and register form. We used html and css to implement a webpage for the company. We tried php for databases.

Challenges we ran into

Databases were really complex and sadly, despite working at them and watching tutorials we weren't able to implement the database correctly. We also wanted to implement a chat system, between user and therapists, but that was also a challenge. We were able to create a chat Activity, but in the end it wasn't able to send or receive the chat logs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning android studios, having somewhat of a product, and having fun.

What we learned

Android studios! We were both brand new to this program and through hours of videos and stack overflow we managed to get Activities and xml files down.

What's next for Therapu

Work to finish the chat and database as we get more experience.

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