In most countries around the world, mental illness is the number one reason why people commit suicide. not Having access to a psychologist to understand their emotions is difficult. Also, therapy is expensive and requires huge commitment and bravery.

What it does

Through Microsoft's Azure emotion API, Therapist listens and guides you through the therapy method while mimicking your emotions in real-time for an added sense of empathy. After the process, Therapist then visualizes your emotion data into useful metrics to allow you to understand and to log how you felt throughout the day.

How we built it

we used Microsft azure emotion API to Detect the emotion and the sentiment of the user. We also used Firebase for the back-end and react-native for the front-end. Lastly, we used chat.js to visualize the data.

Challenges we ran into

it was our first time working with Microsoft Azure API so it took us some time to make voice recognition work. We have the issue of reloading the app every time we want to run it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The APP is hella useful :)

What we learned

2 cups of coffee an hour is the way to go

What's next for Therapist

adding a tone analyzer so Therapist can tell the emotion of the user based on their tone.

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