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There is a lack of transparency when connecting with therapists (not enough information on therapists beliefs, values and how well they would connect to the patient on a deeper level). It's important for therapists and patients to click - whether it's by hobbies or by anything else.

What it does

Designed like a dating app, you can now "date" your therapist* by chatting with them a little bit before scheduling an appointment the traditional way.

Just set in your preferences and get started. We'll select five therapists from your preferences to chose from. If you feel like none of them fit, you can hit the "Evaluate again" button, which will refresh the list in a few hours

How I built it


Challenges I ran into

The quiz. Timezones are hard

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did this in 24 hours from idea to conception!

What's next for Therapist Matchmaking

Hopefully to flesh out an appointment system and to make the css look more user friendly!!! Adding A "What do you do for Fun" And having a API of therapists!

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