When considering wellness and cs, I was reminded of someone I know who was considering looking for a therapist, but didn't have anywhere to start. I incorporated the criteria they mentioned offhandedly into my program.

What it does

You enter your information, your preferences for your therapist (gender, age, etc), and then your reason for visiting (addiction, general mental health, etc). The program will find a someone from a list of therapists who has the highest compatibility.

How we built it

Dummy therapists were added to a list beforehand, each a therapist object. A patient object is built using user input from dialog boxes. A compatibility score is calculated and acts as a key to a hashmap where the values are therapists. A therapist with the highest score is returned.

Challenges we ran into

If the therapist's specialization does not match the patient's, their score will be zero. Because of this, there is not a therapist of each criteria in each specialization category. For example, a white male 20-30 Grief Counselor does not exist, so you will be returned a therapist that doesn't quite fit.

What's next for Therapist Matcher

If the program was put on a larger scale, it could draw from a bigger database of therapists, giving more accurate results, and a wider range of specializations. It could be expanded to factor in experiences of other similar patient profiles, as well as other criteria.

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