• By fully taking advantage of the technology nowadays, mental and behavioral health counseling is moving vastly from face to face to tele-health format. In order to make counseling and the process of supervision easier and more convenient, we created Therahappy.

What it does

  • By using Agora video interactive broadcasting, Theraphappy is able to host multiple video screens among the therapist, the client, client's family member, and the licensed supervisor. Supervisor will not be seen during the session but monitoring trainee's session with the clients and later on give feedback and suggestions. The session can also be recorded so it can be played again for training and learning purposes. Another feature is that therapist or the client can also interact and give/respond to task that can be delivered through drawing and typing words.

How we built it

  • We used Android Studio for developing Android Application. We built our app integrates Agora RTC API. Based on Agora API, there is a distinguish unique identifier. We can determine whom is supervisor or therapist trainees.

Challenges we ran into

  • Our challenge is to provide a remotely supervised environment based on real-time therapy session for therapist trainees to reduce their time to accomplish during their training session.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have implemented the prototype android application functionality working with; the supervisor can monitor trainees' session with the clients through the application while the supervisor will not be seen, heard or interfered the session.

What we learned

  • We have learned to handle one to many video streaming at the same time.
  • We have also learned that this video-based supervising solution has lots of demands.

What's next for Therahappy

  • We would like to add more features such as detecting client's eye movements, facial expressions, heart beat, tone and pitch difference or even auto assessment before and after the session to get feedback.
  • We would also like to develop a check-in and check out record system. It works for trainees can be subject to their training time. Also, supervisors can subject to supervising time for their trainees.

Built With

  • xml-java-android-agora-api
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