We really wanted to work with the Magic Leap and we wanted to create an app that had a positive impact. The idea of working with arachnophobia (fear of spiders) popped in Yan's head and we all immediately loved it.

What it does

Thera-me allows therapists to use Exposure Therapy in an enhanced way thanks to AR. It exposes the patient to the object of his/her fear and this exposure combined with relaxation techniques helps the patient cope with his/her phobia. We decided to make the spider fun and have it speak to make it even more friendly to the patient.

How we built it

Thera-me was built in Unity 2019 utilizing the Magic Leap SDK. Specifically, we used Magic Leap's intuitive gesture control for all our interactions with the spider. Audio was handled by MSA source.

Challenges we ran into

Getting a virtual object to sync well with physical hand gestures is still difficult in the best of cases, and we ran into gestures not registering as well as gestures triggering quickly on and off. We also ran into a major issue with how Watson SDK integrated with the latest Unity 2019 and Magic Leap which necessitated removing the Watson voice recognition integration portion of our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think we have a very cool spider and we are telling a good story that can have great positive impact on people with phobias.

What we learned

We have first learned how to work together and bring value to the team and project We have learned the great potential of the Magic Leap and Watson We have almost overcome our fear of spiders

What's next for Thera-me

We believe in viability and real life application of this app and are planning to develop it further. We would like to continue working with the Magic Leap and Watson technologies to improve exposure therapy and extend it to other objects of phobia like snakes, dogs, bees etc...

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