Hearing to the various experiences and situations foster youth have to go through, it really motivated us to create a production-ready easy to use application.

What it does

We are working with F Connect in building a backend service to facilitate application functionalities seamlessly.

How we built it

We used graphql and MongoDB for the backend and react, redux for the front end. Additional to the APIS exposed, we also created an administrator backend which could be operated with little or no tech experience for:

  1. adding various resources for the end users: this is done using tags inputted by an admin which in turn facilitates a crawler to get web-wide resources
  2. add college information and checklist points
  3. Search for various resources

Challenges we ran into

this is a greenfield project where we implemented everything from scratch. Having a production-ready code in a span of 24 hours was the toughest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Exposing APIs which are platform agnostic and could be hooked up with any platform.
  • Implementing a graphql server ## What we learned

What's next for TheNeighborhood

Our project has transformed opportunity into reality. Future developers can easily and seamlessly integrate with this backend to create client facing solutions -- they do not have to worry about where the data is coming from, documentation behind the data, or how to access it and surface it in their application. Nondevelopers have access to a host of admin applications that can allow people with no experience coding whatsoever to immediately start making an impact / providing the resources foster youth need. Most importantly this project is extremely accessible for scaling and the addition of future features, providing a platform where none previously existed.

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