I got this inspiration from theme park I want to visit, but the place is far from my place and I think it will be cool if I can taste the experience at home while waiting the holiday season and come to real place

What it does

It is a Portal Lens, you just place the gate object then walk through the gate and see what is inside

How we built it

I just modelling and texturing the assets such as gate and the environment, then place the model on the position that I want in Lens Studio, then add collider to big cube so the interior will hidden, only the gate is appear

Challenges we ran into

Actually I want to make a few interaction to make this lens more attractive and make high detail model. But lack of coding experience, it should be team mate to pick specific role as a designer and a programmer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I proud doing this alone but it is better to working together

What we learned

Lens Studio is great, it has very interesting features, I wanna explore more

What's next for Theme Park Teaser

  • Adding more interaction such as, automatic open-close gate, interaction with model, etc
  • High details models
  • Interesting animation

Built With

  • lens
  • studio
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