What makes the "Theme Evolution" special is the maximum customization of the header and footer Entering theme editing, clicking on the website header tab and then on header settings, you can make the header "sticky" and add a "topbar", to which you can change the background and text colors. The "topbar", as well as the other elements in the header, can easily be edited as a global group Another gem of the theme is given by the possibility to change the type of menu from horizontal to side menu (left) while maintaining for both the menu editing features from the site settings Finally the footer; here the user is given the possibility to create the footer by enriching it with 2, 3 or four columns. Each column has 3 types of choice: text paragraph, menu or link to social networks, which are the most used types Another feature of the evolution theme, less visible to the user but very important for SEO is structured data. Structured data have been entered for header, footer, site navigation The blog has structured data for both the listing and the single post but this is a choice we give to the user, by clicking on or off in the theme settings The about page has the structured data relating to the organization (company) and also in this case the user is given the right to activate them or not since it is a module of the about page of the theme Another reason to choose the evolution theme is the page loading speed

My first thought was to give the possibility to create a footer that could have, at the user's choice, more columns. Then I thought, well the footer yes and the header? So I made some improvements to the header too

I have been working on the hubspot platform for a few years, I have already sent several forms to the marketplace that are designed according to the needs of the customers to whom I, and the company I work for, offer our services

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