A new feature being promoted by a challenge

What it does

Provides a clean & editor friendly HubSpot Theme on the marketplace.

How I built it

Using HubSpot's new Theme feature and its powerful concepts to provide content editors with a flexible and user-friendly structure.

Challenges I ran into

We as a team had difficult times with managing what we should offer under the roof of a free theme. It was difficult to make a decision about the features that we provide.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team members accomplished what was promised & designed in the beginning of the project. Proud of getting our to-do items done on time.

What I learned

How to generate a HS theme from scratch, a theme's capabilities & incapabilities.

What's next for Theme DeLight

We aim to maintain our theme on a monthly basis according to users' feedback and requests. We might plan to release a paid version of Theme DeLight in the future.

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