Despite the immense power our smartphones give us, we are still blind to many happenings around us everyday. At any moment, I can Google the first emperor of Rome, discover what my friends had for dinner the night before, get directions to anywhere on Earth, and more. Yet, how do I know what's going on right around me? I'll pass the Student Center on my way home, unaware that Coca-Cola is there printing out custom labels for students. I'll head straight to the first floor vending machine not knowing that a meeting on the 3rd floor is about to throw away its excess food. If I can access the entire history of science and modern man at my fingertips, shouldn't I be aware of what's happening within my very arm's reach? We think you should, and that's why we made Thelo.

Facebook, Twitter, Yik Yak, Reddit, and the like can be excellent places to share information with each other, but they ultimately share some serious limitations. First of all, you must proactively seek out information from them. I have to scroll through my feed and happen upon someone posting about an interesting event in order for me to be aware of it. It is really very frustrating to scroll through Yik Yak at night only to read about cool things you missed that day.

This is where Thelo provides a solution. Thelo notifies you when you move near a cool event that is actually currently occurring. You simply walk, and Thelo lets you know if you're missing out on something.

Here's how it works:

  • Open the app, your device is your login. No registration necessary.
  • Subscribe to 'Channels' that are relevant to you. Channels are simply categories of events that you may be interested in. For example, subscribe to "GT-Food" to get notifications about free food you are passing by.
  • Walk around and let the information come to you.
  • If you come within a certain distance of a recently reported event (to a channel you are subscribed to), Thelo will let you know.

Where do the events come from? You! The beauty of this app is that it is crowdsourced. If you see something cool going on, post it on Thelo and let the world know what's up. Posting a new event is as simple as giving it a title and description. Anonymous and hassle free.

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