What it does

This is an entertaining third person shooter built around JAMHacks incorporating the sponsors and many fun elements to give the user the best possible experience.

How we built it

We built the game through pygame and python on github, using object oriented programming to create many elements to form this shooter. We took one of our previous projects, called Ultimate Virus, and added many things to suit this hackathon, such as incorporating new sprites, the sponsors of the event, new items, new weapons and much more.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of issues with the logic of the game, such as setting up the shotgun as it shot 3 bullets. We needed trig ratios and needed to calculate angles in order to make it. Though these things only took a few lines of code, it took us approximately 2 hours to get this working. Another major problem we ran into was compatibility between all our codes. Though on github there were many times where our work interfered with eachother and forced many updated reposts and delayed work time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating an actual decent third person shooter was a lot harder than expected and took us a lot of time. Organizing the classes and all the elements of the game took lots of hard work and a lot of code. Creating the boss and the money system took the most time and by far was the most challenging. Incorporating different attacks from the boss and movement to make an engaging and difficult final enemy took a lot of hard work, but when we finally succeeded, it felt great. The money system was also very difficult, as we added many variables and items that are all unique that players can buy to improve their game experience. The math used while creating the money system was very difficult but also very satisfying when done correctly.

What we learned

We learned much more about object oriented programming, facing and solving many issues along the way of creating this game. Our logic skills in programming was greatly improved and I feel much more confident in object oriented programming through this grueling but fun 24 hour experience.Another essential skill we learned was the importance of code neatness, as having a neater code with more defined functions helped us greatly in improving our efficiency.

What's next for TheJamExpansion

The sprites on the object do not look top notch and can be made to look more professional. Many more objects and variables in the game can make it much more exciting and fun to explore for the players.

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