The story begin, When I did my diploma in computer science & technology. As I have only therotical knowledge of computer programming and the only language I learn which is nothing but C and that day I decided programing is my professional. I move to Pune city to learn actual process of software development for that I took one course in which I learned about .Net framework & with c#. While going to the class at early morning walk I always walk with thought to create something which will use by whole world,To create a planet on Internet which will use by all human over the world & that time the concept of ideasplanet came in my mind. After diploma I need to do engineering (a graduation) but I took a break to explore the world of programing. Then after I took admission for engineering in computer science. There was a sprak of theideasplanet platform & as I did a course not .net I have few ideas about how to develop a site. So for last year project I implemented thefarmersplanet project with my project partners base on the concept of theideasplanet where farmers can share their ideas and other farmers on platform can refer those ideas comment on it and like unlike & suggest improvement on any idea. In 2015 I got a job and the dream left behind of theideasplanet. But as dream not allowed to me forget it & a job in E&TC company not improving/practicing my web development knowledge. So I left a job after 8 months & focus on my theideasplanet development year was 2016. As beloging from lower middle class family my parents were not happy with my decision So I worked day & night 7 days continuously without sleeping for a second I get my site ready to online,then I shifted to Pune again. As I did not know more about designing UI/UX site look very old generation so my one designer friend suggested my few changes in UI. And with that it look okay that time in 2016. I shared a link of old site UI by YouTube link which is old site. Having combination of search engine & social networking site. But as day passes not able to find investor for site and I had made hard decision to stop working on site & search for job as money finished I saw a day when I only had a dinner & no lunch to save a money. I placed in MNC of software industry all went good but my dream left behind. As I can't sleep because of the thought about theideasplanet not live now & started working on it again & modify the site which result into the currently live

What it does

Before it was providing all features of search engine & social networking site for sharing ideas with your friends connected on theideasplanet platform,But while restructuring a site we remove a pages which are not usually hit by users. So we removed search engine feature then we add news along with ideas so user can read news/ideas shared by other users. And give like & share too. Features like comment friend connection is removed.

Please refer site link for current implementation , in video demo I have shared old UI of site.

How I built it

I build it with c# & MySQL as bankend database,But to get site performance increment by using HTML at front end & c# code at back end to fetch a data.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges are a learning process for me. From hosting, peferomcs of site loading,database normalization,API to fetch data, integrating HTML page with asp and then replacing asp pages with HTML.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that a platform bi think about bus live now

What I learned

Satisfaction & continues learning, improving process

What's next for

There are lots of things to do with the ,To make it able to use platform to share a news from everyone surrounding & ideas on everyone mind world wide to make life better with a ease of information sharing.currently focus is on UI/UX and adding new features one by one. To create this platform world's first News media social networking site along with ideas.

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