Providing low cost and eyecare in third world countries can be expensive and require professionals. We want to enable as many people to receive eye care even if they can't afford it or do not have access to an optometry test..

What it does

t walks a user through an vision acuity exam and provides an approximate prescription for corrective lenses.

How we built it

We developed an iOS application which takes the user through the test, as well as a cardboard housing that holds the phone in the correct lighting and distance. The box is simple to make and can be built by anyone simply with scrap cardboard, scissors, and a ruler (the template is available on our site).

Challenges we ran into

With zero knowledge of optometry prior to development, the main challenge was understanding how visual acuity tests correlate with spherical measurements of the eye (prescription numbers). From there, we had to convert all sizes of the test to correctly display 20 inches from the user rather than 20 feet (the distance required for a Snellen test). We converted all of the numbers to find a correlation, drew out each test to avoid pixel blurring, and developed the test on the application, running through the test and determining how mistakes and correct answers correlated with determining a user's prescription.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did it. Through demos with random users, our application had +-.05 margin of error.

What we learned

Optometry. Years worth of Ophthalmology in two days. Please, feel free to ask us about eyes and how they work. We have too much knowledge about it now.

What's next for Theia

Find funding, increase accuracy with more tests, work for astigmatism and other prescriable eye problems, find a distributor, and ship it.

VC funding baby!

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