An inspiration to help people who are blind have a new, small, and accurate device for detecting objects around them.

What it does

THEIA: Our product is an ultrasonic sensor handheld device. The intended use is for people who are blind who would usually use a cane to navigate in day-to-day lives. The THEIA allows the user to hold a small device that will sense objects in front of them and beep to let the user know it is there.

How I built it

We Used: We used an arduino and an ultrasonic sensor, a buzzer, and a joystick as an on and off stick. The ultrasonic sensor will detect objects 2 feet away, and while we would have lived to increase the distance, this hardware only has a certain detecting strength.

What's next for THEIA

We want to increase the ultrasonic range so that it will detect objects farther away.

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