The pain point of not feeling safe enough in a city which hosts a big tourist population was the main factor that drove our inspiration

What it does

‘Theia’ is a web application that aims to target the issues of police visibility and police response time for the city of San Diego. A high level of dissatisfaction among the residents of the city indicated us to come up with a data-driven solution to empower the San Diego Police Department to reduce the fear of crime and act proactively.

How we built it

We build it using the following Use and Integration of the CityIQ API data: The pedestrian data and asset metadata is used to provide the visualization of the pedestrian density across the CItyIQ sensors installed in San Diego. The data is integrated in the backend server written in Node JS which runs an analytics framework to display the data.

Use of the Predix Platform and its services: We used the following services for our solution: • UAA (User Authorization and Authentication) – Used to bind user authentication for the app. • Pedestrian Planning – Used to fetch pedestrian data and metadata to show the pedestrian location on the map. • Asset Metadata – Used to get asset ID for asset type camera.

Challenges we ran into

Fetching the real-time data, video files.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Tapping into an industry (police) and a sector (public safety), which has huge potential but has not been able to leverage data to do it. Fortunately, we saw the opportunity and made the most of it using the resources at our disposal

What we learned

Incorporating machine learning into web app to help increase the value and potential of the app. Besides the technical aspect, we learned how meaningful data could be used to make the quality of life better

What's next for Theia

Including different types of data (traffic collisions, drunk driving, etc), which would make sense to our target market i.e police. Further making out route prioritization mechanism stronger, by including these different types of data

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