As the coronavirus pandemic continued to get worse and worse, we realized that the primary source of the worsening is not the virus itself, but the response of the people in the areas affected by it. To help contain the situation, we figured out that the best way is to change the way people react to the virus. The virus itself we (the human race) can contain, but the panic response we receive because of the virus, we cannot.

What it does

Theia helps reduce the panic surrounding the coronavirus global pandemic by bringing a daily routine to a quarantine lifestyle. We account for limited trips to the store, long periods of time inside, social distancing, and other downsides of shelter in place orders. To make sure people abide by these orders, Theia has an appealing daily plan making it easier to adapt to your new quarantine life. Theia checks your mental wellness and helps reduce anxiety and depression, helps you plan meals to keep a healthy diet, give you daily workouts to keep physically active (with a walk outside to get natural light, great for keeping a healthy sleep cycle), and a productivity manager to you can keep on task with your work.

How we built it!

Theia is written in React Native and the UI is designed with Figma and Adobe Illustrator.


Our team has very little experience working with React Native, making the entire process difficult. We did manage to figure a lot of the design out by using mockups and designs we made, so it still looks amazing!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our solution to the problem, what we learned during the hackathon, and our UI. Also, our video is quite good!

What We learned

We learned a lot about React Native, and about mental and physical wellness with the research that went into forming the app's content. There was lots of research going into food portions and food api's as well as having to learn a lot more about the coronavirus.

What's next for Theia

What's next for Theia is completion of the mobile application. We have a very basic (but still working) application currently, and in the future we would like to see a more responsive client. We're also thinking of adding more features, such as a more robust mental health support system, since that was our main goal from the very start.

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