Flying for business can be a lonely and uneventful experience. We were inspired by the technologies available to revolutionize the flight experience.

What it does

TheHighFlyers is a multifunction platform. It creates a forum for passengers to get to know each other. They can talk about the landmarks that they are flying over, interesting things they will do at their destination, or even find someone to switch seats with. It also gives users access to the flight telemetry and a map that tracks the progress of the flight.

How we built it

We built it with love and excitement. Besides using our hearts, we used MapQuest, Panasonic Avionics, IBM Watson,, and various JavaScript libraries.

Challenges we ran into

As one of my teammates would say "IBM Watson is a beast". We also all had fun trying to get our plane to travel correctly and point at the correct angle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with a great idea, conquering IBM Watson, updating our marker, and working through the night.

What we learned

Next time, we will bring more layers. Just kidding. We learned how to use APIs we have never used before and how to integrate them together.

What's next for TheHighFlyers

We hope to add new features like allowing passengers to create their own chat rooms to be able to chat with friends or family members when they are rows away. Other features we'd like to add include: Expand Watson Functionality and more information about landmarks.

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