Short description/Problem statement

COVID-19 has disrupted billions of lives and endangered the global economy, creating an unprecedented human crisis. With Covid-19 threatening the lives of millions, many people around the globe are isolated or in need of urgent help, with no one to help them. On the other end are hundreds of thousands of volunteers, businesses, municipalities and institutions who want to help individuals, but do not know - and have no quick way of knowing, where help is needed.

How can technology help?

TheHeroLoop is a socio-economic recovery and response ecosystem to COVID-19, to support countries’ paths to social and economic recovery. Worldwide. By bringing all personas together in a socially impacting platform, we target community segments to improve the wellbeing and good health of all ages and aim to accelerate SDG 2030 goals, while engaging multiple generations on a shared mission. TheHeroLoop features a mobile-first design, with a compatible web app for browsers. To reach our elderly and off-grid users, we also offer a landline to call in and ask for help.

Our solution

TheHeroLoop (former The Digital Volunteer) is a digital ecosystem in the form of a responsive webapp that matches Heros (volunteers) with those in need (Loopers). Combined with Blockchain DID encryption and public keys, the HeroLoop answers requests in an anonymous safe, secure and timely manner. AI/ML technology filters every incoming text, notification within the webapp or voicenote to ensure users’ privacy and safety at all times.


Safety first

TheHeroLoop is based on a top-notch decentralisation principle - supported by Blockstack, keeping all of your information and activities encrypted, private and on your device only. Using AI & machine learning technologies, we constantly analyse all content on The Hero Loop to screen and avoid bad use.

Like smartphones?

Awesome, we have a super easy app for you.

Don’t like smartphones?

That works too. Just call it in and we’ll do the rest

Our Heroes are spread all over, and ready to help.

  • Get to try new stuff while helping someone in need. We call this being a Hero.
  • Connect with locals in your area and start this movement from the bottom up.
  • Get your daily walking/biking done, and have them call you a “Hero” for doing this.

User research

  • Further distribution and analysis of results from a questionnaire </ br>
  • Additional user interviews Additional stakeholder feedback.

Finish building the MVP

  • Update of user stories based on user research and Design Thinking
  • Refinement of overall architecture

Partnerships & Communities

Identify possible partners and communities that would be willing to trial the solution, or want to help us with further development

See how we can partner with private and public sector networks, cities and community organisers

As soon as the MVP is completed we will target partners and ask for cooperation within their channels.


  • Build strategic partnerships with solidarity networks, cities and community organisers
  • Pilot application in a local community, city or event
  • Evaluate impact & lessons learned

Go to market

Full app development incl. pilot insights Implementation in larger communities

TheHeroLoop MVP is free to citizens, and the next phase post the MVP is to make a business model and include companies, universities and governments in the loop.

Companies might be looking to help, and government agencies with the means to do a lot of good - all of them do not know - and have no quick way of knowing where help is needed. With a TheHeroLoop service subscription they can easily locate where the need is in their community and reach out to help a Looper in need.

A wallet functionality to share the leaderboard incentives/tokens will be set up in Ethereum. TheHeroLoop will also look into smart contracts in the Ethereum blockchain between citizens, businesses, municipalities and universities. Hyperledger will be used for additional blockchain services.


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