Global HAck 2018

What it does

Creates a profile profile for the user. Helps the user find communities near them where they can meet with other individuals. Helps find the user careers with other foreign owners.

How we built it

Used HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the Web Page. For the back end database we used linux, php, and sql.

Challenges we ran into

People quitting, lack of knowledge, time constraints, wifi, food, sleep deprivation,

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the importance of friendship, Our application, being happy with the completed product for the time being, figuring out each one another's strengths and weaknesses

What we learned

sql, php, linux, more in depth front end development, ssh clients, project management, considerate for the team, learning how to code in a group, prioritize time and manage it wisel, manage tasks

What's next for Foreign Born Help Service

Gee tom, we've had many offers handed to us. But I think we are going to keep our head held high and continue with our schooling where we can learn more of what we love to do. However, I think that we would continue working on it through time and hopefully help those immigrants that come in need.

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