Take away fear of computers/robots and help humans understand how computers think

What it does

Let's two groups of people compete against each other and learn how computers understand the world by playing with them. You present a scenery and choose one object both teams need to describe from it. You have to describe the object without using the word itself and user defined "stop words". If you describe it good enough and Roboy gets what you meant, you'll get one point.

How we built it

Using the Roboy DialogSystem in Java we implemented state machine. Speech recognition was built with google speech recognition. Text to Speech was implemented with google text to speech. Kinect recognizes the scenery and ImageNet lets the computer understand it. Word Associations helped us letting the computer understand the meaning of the spoken word. All components communicate using ROS. Edison is used to show in detail how good the object was described.

Challenges we ran into

Memory limitations of Intel-Edison. Integrating all the components to work with each other.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making it all work because it is a new idea and a lot of fun.

What we learned

Programming and working with Edison

What's next for TheGreatGuessingGame

Porting it to work in Roboy. Finalizing emotions. Implementing movement.

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