What it does

TheEditor.Club is a modern editor's article composer. Write great articles powered by data-driven analytics and performance metrics such as readability, conceptual clarity, and tone. Learn how your current draft article compares with past articles in the publishing house to see realtime feedback on how it may perform before even publishing it.

How we built it

We stuck to the core Data Science techniques first by using anaconda to clean, munge, feature engineer, graph and correlate various data points from the TechCrunch and CrunchBase APIs. We were able to find statistical inferences that aid in our end project goal- helping journalists craft great articles, op-eds, columns.

We also use IBM Watson's APIs for machine learning to identify concepts, tone and readability grading. Additional heuristics such as reading time were developed by our own algorithms. We use sentiment analysis on relevant articles to showcase how readers react to certain topics.

Challenges we ran into

  • longest common subsequence != longest common substring
  • ze cold
  • css bugs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • built and shipping complete proof of concept
  • novel and unique idea that has real business cases
  • survived the cold SF night :)
  • met awesome teammates!

What we learned

What's next for TheEditor.Club

  • Talk to editors, journalists and columnists to further identify idea validation. We've already spoken to a few and have received very positive feedback
  • launch private alpha.
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