I felt like I should use my skills learned throughout my academic life to improve peoples lives and make the world a better place

What it does

The duck rotates, and a 7 segment display counts the number of times it has rotated. It beeps sometimes too

How we built it

Literally plugged a servo into an Arduino and put a duck on it

Challenges we ran into

The first 3 digits of the 7 segment display do not light up properly when writing the number of rotations. I made a loop that sends the signal every 1ms so it looks like it's permanently lit.

Also, we wanted to use the ST Nucleo but didn't have the correct cable - we needed to use an Arduino instead

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to attach the duck to the servo with a hair band

What we learned

Ducks are cool

What's next for TheDuckDance

More ducks and more servos. I envisage a future with synchronised duck dancing that is inclusive of ducks of all colours (green, blue, yellow and pink!)

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