We always knew that feminine hygiene was a problem - we grew up hearing about it, the most recent being the "tampon tax." It was relevant - but it always felt distant. Then, one of our friends showed us an article about African girls, and the struggles that they face. Hearing that one in ten African girls miss school because of their menstrual cycle was shocking - but it was something that we needed to hear. At that moment, we decided that we wanted to do something to change this horrible truth. We knew that these girls could achieve great things, if given the chance. We traced these issues to the root cause, and found it to be inaccessibility to feminine hygiene products. We decided that in order to reach the largest audience, and have the most impact, we would create a website. This website would host the organization that we plan to implement sometime in the near future, to truly make a difference.

What it does

Our website allows users to experience and explore the different aspects of the issue that we would like to address. We provide different tabs - a home page, a contact page, local events page, and one for current events. Our home page introduces the key values and goals of our organization. Our contact tab gives people information on how to become involved, and how to reach us. One highlights of our website is the local events page. As of now, we have chosen Africa as our country of choice. This tab allows users to tap on any country, and access local events that advocate for change in those areas. The other one is our current events tab, or our local news tab. We were inspired to create change after reading a news article - by connecting the user to impactful articles, we believe that we will incite change in them as well.

What we learned

What started as the discovery of an important issue soon turned into a passion, as we read more and more about what is going on in our world. There is so much that goes on in our world, that we chose to ignore, whether we realize it or not. Ignorance is cruelty - listening is kindness. In short, that's the theme that we have taken away from this whole process. It is our duty to listen to the voices of those who are silenced. At such a young age, it may seem like a moral that is too difficult to implement, but we are the future generation. The earlier we start advocating, the sooner the change happens.

What's next for Girl to Girl

We created a prototype for an organization that we plan to implement. Once we make our organization a reality, and set the website live, we plan to add more to it, in terms of outreach. At this point, we are focusing on one specific third world country - however, there many more with girls in the same dire situation, like India. We would like to expand the scope of our organization, as we establish a stable foundation to build upon.

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