If you have a Smartphone, you probably know what apps are -- but did you know they can actually help to make caregiving more manageable? A Smartphone is like having a mini-computer with you at all times -- and the best caregiving apps help manage the many aspects of care that barrage and overwhelm most caregivers on any given day. Caregiving apps can help you maintain and update important information, get appointment and medication reminders, keep a log of activities, coordinate various caregivers, jot down notes from doctors or other care providers, and stay in touch with and pass on updates and photos to family and friends.


  • It aims at helping people of all age groups as it is very user friendly with simple and elegant GUI making it easy for anyone who can operate a mobile phone.
  • It empowers the caregivers’ life by letting them keep track of many of the tasks such as medication, socialization, also a small caregiver’s portal on the go.
  • This application is built using the open source technology such as android and firebase which makes it more efficient than the traditional database systems.
  • This business model serves as the best dealing for the market with numerous features being the specialty of this application.
  • The main motive behind this application is to help improve the caregivers quality of life by reducing the stress and help in efficient management and organization of their tasks.

Technical Features

  • Storing Information of the loved one who needs special care, information such as name, age gender, and summary of the medical records which will help keeping the medical records handy.
  • Includes storing of the medication such as the list of medicines prescribed and also an alert system or scheduler which reminds care givers to give the appropriate dosage of the pills as prescribed by the physician.


  • Android Studio
    • Clone/download the directory of the source code
    • Import the project into Android Studio File->New->Import Project
    • Select the project folder TheCompleteCare-master
    • Wait for the build to complete (there should be no progress bar at the bottom right of android studio)
    • Connect your device to and run the app by clicking on "Run app" under Run menu

Future Scope

  • A mini portal of the caregivers where other family members have access to ,so that they can substitute the main care giver when its an emergency or share the tasks which reduces the overload based on the availability of others.
  • Implementing health-assist would let store the different detailed information which allows the efficient search of the nearby hospitals, drug stores, emergency doctors and also the information regarding the health insurance.
  • Transit-assist which helps find the safest and easiest way of transport like mode of transport and best suggestion based on the weather and crowd so that the travel time is least and cost efficient.

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