The game called Keep talking and nobody explodes.

What it does

The game allows multiple players to join with their smartphones and displays a single part of a bomb for each player. A separate main screen displays a live bomb with a burning fuse and defusal instructions. The players have to defuse the bomb by performing correct actions on the correct bomb parts (and by extension - smartphones). They have to succeed before the bomb explodes.

How we built it

We used Node.js to build a server, which we are running on AWS, accessible with a domain name: Both the main display and the smartphones are displaying a web applicaton built mostly in JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

The fact that each smartphone displays another part of the bomb. It required from us to create a server that can manage all those mini-games, sending and responding to different, personalized clients.

What we learned

Working in a two people group is more challening and time consuming than work in a group of four.

What's next for

  • Adapt the game for more players
  • Create more mini-games
  • Add more animations
  • Work on the front-end
  • Create multi-puzzles displayed at the same time
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