I love strategy games and so do millions of others. And this will be a fun way for people to play a long term game about trading, resource management, land development, and exploring for new islands.

What it does

Leverages existing DEXs in the ecosystem for trading resources like WOOD, ROCK, CLAY, FISH, and WOOL, and will have smart contracts for minting in game assets(NFTs) with these resources from the game dashboard in coming updates.

How we built it

Hand drawn maps, solidity for tokens, and WordPress for site

Challenges we ran into

Not as much time to work on things, and the person I thought was going to help with smart contracts and frontend went MIA.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I really think this is going to be a very fun game, especially as time goes on. And I created 10 liquidity pools to kickstart things, 5 on Globiance and 5 on XSwap. Go get yourself some resources and be a ALPHA Pioneer :)

What we learned

XDCPay works awesome and the XDC network is very fast and very cheap for transactions. Also learned that Globiance's DEX will let you swap for larger quantities than XSwap even if it will have large impact on price, XSwap would only allow small trades.

What's next for TheBlockchain.Land Game

Create and mint game contracts for staking PioneerNFTs to work LandNFTs to work for resources, and for burning resources to create in-game items(NFTs) like tools, buildings, and ships.

What I did during XDC hackathon

MINTED on MAINNET XRC20 Governance Token of Game DAO

PiXelDust (PXD): xdcCEFea925438106c3a6e4D9D2e0Bdc145Db77029c PiXelDust is the governance token of TheBlockchain.Land, you can mint it to your wallet by sending XDC to the PiXelDust Factory contract address, it will mint 1PXD for every 1XDC you send. PXD Factory: xdc0df95CaC9Bf8EfD4cF6461824464ae55640626df

MINTED on MAINET Game Resources XRC20 Tokens:

WOOD xdc5620A72F18790CDcFcddD6B9Aad1f615a401227C You can Swap for WOOD on DEXs at Globiance and XSwap by visiting:

ROCK xdc97242c25a9385AD17A3A697EbEFa2b937484b14C You can Swap for ROCK on DEXs at Globiance and XSwap by visiting:

CLAY xdc11F62a532E74096cD8178C78875ad262f7A6C747 You can Swap for CLAY on DEXs at Globiance and XSwap by visiting:

FISH xdccb64AEE1727aC7b01B3dE16EA98a5024730008c0 You can Swap for FISH on DEXs at Globiance and XSwap by visiting:

WOOL xdc2189aec6526e1A7B83cFa5458979F2C774c5493c You can Swap for WOOL on DEXs at Globiance and XSwap by visiting:

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