We drew inspiration from a YouTube video by Michael Reeves in which he created a Twitter bot that bought items from amazon when mentioned with a link.

What it does

Replies with daily-updated statistics for either country-wide or world-side Covid-19 cases. Also, tweets once a day about the current worldwide statistics.

How we built it

We used Python, Twitter API, and a COVID-19 Statistics API.

Challenges we ran into

Tweeting the total world cases every set interval, reading the JSON code returned from the API when requesting information, and organizing and ensuring proper style techniques in our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we successfully built a functioning Twitter bot.

What we learned

How to use the Twitter API, how to use an external statistics API, and handle JSON using Python. We also learned how to collaborate better on team-based projects.

What's next for COVIDStatBot?

After the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we can reformat our bot's code to track other statistics using other APIs.

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