The pandemic has negatively affected the theatre and performing arts industry. We wanted to build an application to help theatre-enthusiasts experience classic theatre plays even in these testing times. This is also intended to double up as a theatre-play game and a line rehearsal tool for theatre artists.

What it does

Theatre Pros(e) is a GUI application which can play scripts from popular theatre plays. It is intended to help people experience theatre plays digitally and tries to simulate an in-person theatre experience to some regard. The app has 2 modes -

1) Single-player mode: It enables the user to select a character/player from a particular play and emulate their dialogues. Based on how well the user spoke their lines, a score is computed. If the user gets a perfect score, they receive a standing ovation!

2) Multi-player mode: The App plays the script for the theatre play chosen by the user. This is a fun way to engage with other theatre-enthusiasts.

How we built it

We built the application using the tkinter framework in Python. We also made use of a csv file which contains the scripts of several theatre plays.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge had been building the GUI application, which we did not have much experience in. But fortunately we were able to pull it off, by referring various docs and tutorials. Another challenge we faced was in implementing multiple frames in our GUI app. We spent some time in testing it out and were able to implement it at last.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're immensely proud that we were able to complete the project within the specified time period, without much roadblocks. We also take pride in having been able to build a project that is socially relevant and seeks to enlighten people about theatre arts.

What we learned

We learned a lot with regard to python GUI programming. We learned more about the tkinter framework and its widgets.

What's next for Theatre Pros(e)

  • Virtual reality experience
  • Real-time multi-user experience
  • Speech and emotion recognition for accurate scores
  • Animations of players
  • Global Leaderboard

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