Problem Identification

The theater and performing arts industry is a $4,5 billion dollar industry which employs 30+ million people. The arts and culture sector has an important benefit on health and well-being. Those who had attended a cultural place or event in the preceding 12 months were 60 per cent more likely to report good health, and theatre-goers were 25 per cent more likely to report being in health than the average. Moreover, all of the actors and performances have an important role in sharing contemporary and historical culture to society. With Covid placing constraints on movements and gathering of crowds, less people go to see theater plays or musicals,leaving the theaters with their seats empty.To address empty seats, more and more theater companies are starting to livestream shows, but there are no great aggregators that purely focus on these cultural events globally to ensure they are discoverable and accessible enough for a global audience.

The Theater Explorer

This can now be solved using our fully functioning web app, Theater explorer which is built on the no-code platform it turns as a complex JSON schema powered by their platform and runtime. (Their runtime is in turn using nodejs, postgres, redis and auto deployed/ scaling on AWS) Using app we have started to build a friendly user platform with many features and good functionality. In general, the website has been divided into 4 main sections and emphasizes into opera, musical and theater plays. The first section includes the world famous theatres around the work using pictures and the correspondence theater name. Each icon brings you to a new page with more information regarding theater like building year, country etc and also though the page you can find all the current plays, times and dates. Musical, opera and theaters plays frame the second section of our site and underlines the free ones. Relevant pages present plays descriptions, composers, actors and livestream links. Moreover, it is giving you the opportunity to reserve a seat for future performances of the same play but different date. Third section focuses on the countries and the opportunity to choose by country which theater you prefer and the available livestream plays in the specific theater in the specific country. Lastly, but import as the others, is the ‘behind the curtains’ section. This section is more for curious and culture people who want to ‘see behind the scene’ and it consists of social media contents. Users and theaters can learn more about us, can contact us or can registry into our site using the relevant button. But if you are a fan of the arts, creative person or just fancy what we are doing and want to join our lovely team you are more than welcome!

What we did during the weekend

This hackathon has started with a long brainstorm that takes place on Friday evening in regards to the approachable and efficient way to approach our work. Also, to address what information we need, what we need to do/ complete by Sunday and assign work along the members of the team. During the weekend we initially addressed the problem, exchanged ideas and prepared a schedule with more details of these in it. Secondly, we created a shared folder between all the members of the team and included/exchanged all the relevant information in there. After that, we did marketing research on other user-friendly websites in order to get some ideas for our websites. Many drafts have been created to finalize our website's sketches. Moreover, we collected information for our site from different theater, musical and opera venues around the world, started to build the website from scratch and addressed any changes. A mentor assigned for our team and we had some meetings with him to get some feedback for our work and further guidance. On Sunday we focused on our demo video, finalized our website and prepared a word document with more details about the project and the necessity of that.

How our proposal impacts the crisis

Theater explorer gives the opportunity for globally live streams from the comfort of oneshouse while at the same time supporting theater companies maintain their income.Live theatre helps to promote social discourse, dialogue and potential social change. Theatre is a cultural phenomenon that demands that society examines itself in the mirror. We can study societal problems and attempt to find solutions. Coming together as a community to listen to opposing points of view is necessary. Undeniably, culture, creativity and art have been the cement that binds together not only hearts and souls, but entire societies and nations. In a world that faces frequent disruption and upheavals in economic, social, political and technological sectors, creativity and culture have been the common link through history, knitting together our past, present and future.

What's next for Theater Explorer

In order to support the project financially we are planning to seek funding via EU, cultural programs and other relevant funding streams. We are also going to work towards partnership establishment with performing arts organizations to promote our project’s discoverability. We do foresee that these theater companies who have started live-streaming,will also realize that they can appeal to a global audience, not only the ones that have the ability or economy to travel to their physical location through our platform.

Additionally we want to assist and collaborate with the theater companies to not only facilitate the discovery of these shows but also the creation of online micro content that spurs excitement and interest with the younger crowds in social media. Connecting more people with global culture - driving more hours of cultural consumption.

Theater Explorer's Impact Post Crisis

We want to bring impact in ensuring that the access to theater entertainment can be accessible to anyone, regardless of disability or situational limitations one may have - both during Covid and post-Covid. This has great socioeconomic impacts as well as taking a stance on inclusion and accessibility in the industry. As a business we are planning to both aggregate shows, split revenue on ticket sales as well as partner with theater companies to create a new breed of content that engages new crowds with these cultural events and bring the theater experience to a new era!

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