It turns out that the hardest part about learning something new is not the learning part itself rather it's finding the best resource to that fully explains the subject. When people want to learn something new they have to go through a guess and check process with courses, links and tutorials to see if the content is truly self explanatory. We decided that you should focus on the learning part when trying to learn so we built Thea.

What it does

Thea put simply is the teacher you always wanted. You simply enter a subject you want to gain more knowledge about and Thea will return at least the 3 best resources. Users can vote up and down the content provided so the best resources will always be at the top. Its a service for humans by humans

How we built it

We needed a solution that was simple and scalable while also being extremely intuitive to use. We spent a lot of time on the user interface to give Thea a fun look compared to dull websites people are used to. Then we curated a database of topics and resources which we thought gave the best learning experience. Learning something is now a click away.

Challenges We ran into

One of the hardest things about building Thea was getting a database of resources for each topic. We couldn't use a web crawler because we had no idea how the links would turn out. We ended up hand curating the list of data and added a social aspect so users could add the links in which they learn the best.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

After we finished the initial search we had some time left so we wanted to add something else. We decided that voice search would be a nice addition. We ended up adding an artificial intelligence engine to our project that figures out what exactly the user needs.

What's next for Thea

After a whole 36 hours of hacking we are pretty proud of what we have accomplished. However, we still have a long way to go. We now want to establish a user base to mark our presence in the world. We could also add some animations and effects to make the user experience more enjoyable. We had a lot of fun making Thea. Hopefully, people will have fun using it.

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