One morning when I went up from bed for studying for my computer courses in university, looking outside from the window, it came to my mind what would be an ideal 'country' that I would want to live in.

Food, Agriculture & Climate Change Food, shelter and a social life are the essentials of life. Why can't everyone have this in this time, in this world where technological advancements have made life so easier. So, I started thinking about it first by how I could eliminate poverty and homelessness, which is caused by various reasons, but one of them was the high living expenses. There is abundance and poverty at the same time even for the essentials of life. There is also the ecological unbalance and climate change on the table. Then, I naively thought about the huge production of everything in this age and why this is not distributed among people so that everybody could have basic living standards. I analyzed the way society, economy, governance and cities are build; specifically, the building blocks of the society and city: families, neighbourhoods. I couldn't solve the problem in this set-up. The current economical and government understanding wouldn't hold up to this dream. So, I decided to build everything from scratch in the society in the lab to simulate the ideas I had. 'Direct' democracy and mutual consent of people to solve the issues will form the basis of this society.

What it does

Tries to find a solution to people's problems.

How I built it

I draw some elements of the country on paper, needed a wider space bigger than a letter size paper. So, I started coding some of the thinks came to my mind on python. This is a side project that would take time to complete.

Challenges I ran into

The scale of complication of the problems and inter-intra relatedness of everything.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At least started coding in python.

What I learned

Complicated real life simulations are not made easy.

What's next for The_Country_Simulation

Once the simulation is done, a pilot project could be made in real life and see how it goes.

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