The idea for the project was what had first jumped to my head when the topic was revealed. I remember instantly jumping on NetBeans and making the project. Other than that I cant say I know what inspired me, it just came to me.

What it does

Its a simple board game that allows the user to move through tiles on a board to try and make it to the end while rewarding/punishing players depending on what tile they land on.

How I built it

I built the program using basic java knowledge one could find in a Java 1 class. Its what I was most comfortable with and so I decided to try my best with what I know instead of risking learning a whole new language

Challenges I ran into

Sadly, Java 1 had not taught me everything I needed to know so lots of my time was spent doing research on how to implement certain things that I wanted. for example the player piece was probably what took the longest to implement as I couldn't find a way to have layered images in Java Swing, After a good nap I found a solution using layered panels and everything was smooth sailing from there.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although this isn't my first Hackathon, It was the first one I've taken seriously and put all my effort into. The only other hackathon I've been to was when I knew very little programming and more or so just watched other people work while learning. This Hackathon on the other hand was a show of my best work and I'm proud of myself for staying dedicated and resilient throughout the process

What I learned

I learned a lot more about Swing that will help me for my final project in my Java 1 class coming up. I've also learned more about the planning process when working on these big programs, its incredibly important that the planning process is done fully before moving onto programming

What's next for The2020Game

This was honestly so much fun and I have grown a small connection with this game. I plan to update the game continuously as I learn more through my career.

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