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What it does

This program compiles events through aggie land onto a simple map and table view. You can click on specific events to see more about them the event and also add it to your calendar with one click! You can also move around on an interactive map, clicking on certain buildings to see the events at it.

How we built it

It was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and of course Python. We had to rip data from data sources such as and map data from We then had to parse this data and make Javascript functions to connect it all. We used a map API called mapbox.

Challenges we ran into

Much of the data we ripped from websites had a lot of problems with it. Our solution to this was pre-processing the data in python, specifically gathering the data we wanted.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first time most of us worked with these programing languages and with json data so it was a great learning experience in those fields. We also learned how to get data using web requests and fetch.js. We also created a whole website in just 1 day and we are very proud of it.

What we learned

We learned HTML, CSS, JS, and how to work with JSON using Python.

What's next for The12thPlan

Make it automatically update!

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