As women attending college in America, we are made aware every day of the overt sexualization and assault on our bodies and mental health. These occurrences are often unreported, without prior notice, and continue without repercussion. The darkness and disorientation that comes with campus nightlife increases vulnerability and risk of assault and harassment. During these conditions, it becomes even more difficult to foresee potential threats on the way back home from a night out or an evening study session. Our mobile app uses the power of crowdsourcing, and allows users to identify potential threats (examples: poorly lit alleys, groups of catcallers), by pinning specific hazardous situations on a map of campus and surrounding streets. If multiple users confirm a location as a threat, this information will be reported to campus security. The route guidance feature will reroute to avoid pinned dangers. The app will also allow users to weigh in on the safety of a fraternity or sorority house on any given night, in order to hold campus Greek life accountable for sexual assault and violence.While most pre-existing campus security and self defense measures are implemented after the fact of assault or harassment, this solution is preventative in that it helps the user circumvent perceived threats altogether. It also harnesses the power of a community of women, banding together to tackle the pervasive and endemic issue that is a cycle of sexual and physical violence on college campuses. We are also hoping that the data gathered from repeatedly reported threats like poor lighting can set the stage for institutional intervention -- catalyzing universities to take a stand and implement more effective policy and security measures.

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