(mo-jee-o) is cloud-connecting cars with a unique cellular device that lets apps on smart phones talk to any car after 1995. unlocks the data stored in a market of 290 million cars in the US and EU alone, growing 30M a year. Unlike factory embedded solutions that are only available in premium new cars, will be delivered on an open platform enabling 3rd party app developers to deliver apps and in-car services to just about any car already on the road.'s software developer kit will support apps for consumers, service providers and automotive retailers, connecting drivers to their driving world in real-time. Unlike many apps today, delivers automated, real-time and location-based services by using technology to intuitively anticipate the driver’s needs. is built on an open platform, which encourages partnerships with developers, retailers and industry service providers and discourages competition. We see significant value in enabling usage-based insurance, supporting consumer and enterprise apps, urban planning for cities, and enabling real-time traffic flow information. also helps businesses better connect with drivers, so our partners can provide needed solutions at the time and place it matters most.

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