I was a philosophy major and for experienced and new people in philosophy it was hard dissecting a philosophers thought even harder to find relevant information on them. So I wanted to create an application for students to use to find the information they need to pass or be a successful philosophy major.

So the application has a table and a google maps api with markers to find the philosopher the user is looking for. The user can sign in and out and find the information that they would need.

I used create react app and built everything from scratch with Ruby on Rails, I used embedded HTML, CSS, a gem for materialize, gem bycrypt, storing the philosophers with postgresql.

Styling issues, figuring out how to implement the google maps api which was the hardest part by far. Then having the application hosted on Heroku

Implementing the search bar, and google maps api!

I learned a lot about the model and view delicate relationship and how to implement the the a API into an application.

Finish implementing the search bar

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