WishTree Project is one of our most beautiful and heartwarming initiatives focusing on Finastrians celebrating the spirit of Christmas with the young ones in various orphanages. What better way than asking the children on what they would like Santa Claus to gift them on this Christmas and making sure even their tiniest wishes come true! At Finastra Trivandrum, we started the physical WishTree journey two years ago and were fortunate to fulfill more than 400 wishes and today we are excited to launch the third edition in digital platform overcoming the challenges posed by COVID-19. We wanted to ensure the children displaced in these orphanages that their voice is heard and acted upon and like the past years we need your support to make this initiative a grand success all over again.

What it does:

  1. Finastra CSR sites admins create and maintain ‘wish tree project’ online for the kids’ wishes collected from the authorized sources online/offline
  2. Authorized NGOs login and submit kids wishes from their institution
  3. Finastra Employees/Sponsors enroll and commit online to fulfill the kid’s wish which they choose
  4. User specific features like workflows/guidelines/instructions/assistance, user feedback, tracking the wish status/notifications, gallery of gift unboxing videos/photos/messages from the kids/care homes etc ## How we built it: Built an Azure Cloud based end-to-end online application to conduct Wish Tree projects by CSR teams or NGOs for underprivileged kids. Seamless workflows for personas like Finastra CSR Admin, NGO user, Finastra Employee/Sponsor. Device friendly application, Best virtual experiences, Useful dashboards

Challenges we ran into:

Defining the delivery process workflow and also hosting the site

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

1) ‘Wish Tree’ execution in a more systematic way 2) Improved employee engagement in CSR activities with better reach and user experience 3) Scope for scaling up technology driven CSR initiatives and also the provision for maintaining historical data repositories online

What we learned:

Simplification of workflow, User Experience

What's next for The Wish Tree:

Native Mobile App version, Integrated gift purchasing process, live videos/messages

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