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Whether you are an experienced or a novice camper, everyone has difficulties sometimes when camping. It could be navigating or something you didn't expect. These issues could prevent us from enjoying the time away from home. Also, we have to consider the environment as well. Unattended campfires could cause wildfires if not taken care of, which leads to more carbon in the air. Introducing The Wise Camper (aka TWC), which helps you to become a 'wiser' camper when camping even if you aren't an experienced camper.

😉What it does😉

It's an app that helps you to enjoy the outdoors as well as being sustainable. For example, the app can find trails around your location and display what you need to pack for that. It also has a DIY tab which you can you to reuse your plastic bottle to make lights. It also can help navigate during the trail. For more assistance, the app includes a voice assistant which can help to navigate in the app much faster.

😛How we built it😛

  • Figma for design
  • GitHub for programming
  • HTML/CSS for programing
  • JavaScript for programming
  • for the website:

😢Challenges we ran into😢

  • Programming the website using html/CSS and to install the app on the user's phone
  • Programming the app using JavaScript

✅Accomplishments that we're proud of✅

  • Making a user-friendly app which is easy to use
  • Programming the website and app in the given time frame

😃Best Domain from😃

We Purchased a domain from used for the website:

🤔What's next for TWC: The Wise Camper🤔

  • Using Twilio to send the user a message about lists, trails and more
  • Upgrading the UI of the app for better functionality
  • More features to come via OTA updates

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