Date rape drugs are easy to slip into mugs at the bar and the drugs can be odorless and tasteless. Our goal is to help prevent date rape drugs from making their way into your drink.

What it does

Our device can register when the user is near the "mug night mug" and open the mug when the user is holding it. When the user is away, the mug will close and if the user is away and the mug is tampered with, the user will get a message on their phone displaying "don't drink the kool aid".

How we built it

We used an RFID reader to know when the user is holding the mug or not. The lid open and closes with an actuator that is run by a mosfet circuit being driven by the arduino. When the RFID reader does not detect the user's RFID tag a gyroscope will send data to the arduino indicating whether or not the mug has been tampered with. If the mug is tampered with while the mug is not in use the arduino will use bluetooth to connect to our app and notify the user the mug has been tampered with.

Challenges we ran into

3d printing is our worst nightmare.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Quickly coming up with a solution to opening and closing the actuator. We learned that we needed to reverse the voltage going to the actuator so we used two sets of mosfets to accomplish this task.

What we learned

Our group learned how to collaborate as a team and how to have all of our parts of the project come together into a comprehensive product.

What's next for The WingMug

We would also like to use an Ultra Wideband Radar System from Walabot to characterize the amount of alcohol in the users's drink. Using this and some information on the user, we can calculate the users BAC in realtime and we can program WingMug to "cutoff" the user if their BAC approaches a dangerous level. On that note, to the bars!

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