By the record number of companies that are adopting blockchain to their business models, they should adopt it to their in-house practices as well. The MeToo Movement needs more transparency and how can one improve diversity in the tech space if workplace discrimination are not addressed with transparency and proper attention.

What it does

Internal whistleblower application to encourage transparency around the investigation of HR-related incidents in organizations.

How we built it

Vue.js, Web3.js, Infura, and more.

Challenges we ran into

Off-chain Data Storage Integration with Vue.js and Web3.js

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Learned how to migrate smart contract to the Ropsten Network

What I learned

Was not familiar with Infura by name, but was surprised to learn that MetaMask uses Infura, as its Ethereum provider. Learned how to migrate smart contract to the Ropsten Network Created a MetaMask test account connected to Ropsten Network. Learning Solidity

What's next for The Whistleblower App

When it comes to the data for predicting the future of transparency and accountability in the workplace and in government, this is needed to predict the trends.

Built With

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