Most apps featuring mental health are geared towards teenagers and adults. However, children are being ignored. Everyone has mental health - not just teenagers and adults. Most children these days have smartphones or computers, so why not reach out to them through there?

What it does

The computer application and mobile app prototype relate simple emotions to common weather events such as sunshine or rain. The mobile app prototype shows some related emotions to the primary weather event. The computer app does this and also introduces coping mechanisms to the user. Afterwards, the computer application will do a final check in while the mobile app prototype will show past reports.

How I built it

I coded a simple Python computer application that prompts the user for their name, a weather event, and feelings after the "weather report." I also built a Figma user interface prototype.

Challenges I ran into

I went into the hackathon planning only to use Java, but this didn't work out. I was forced to start over from scratch with Python, a language I'm less familiar with. Also, I had to create a prototype at the same time, which was a huge time crunch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I completed my first project in Python! I'm also proud of myself for being so flexible with my original plan.

What I learned

Aside from the experience I gained in Python, I also learned that stepping outside of my comfort zone can be important and rewarding.

What's next for The Weather Station

I hope I can combine the coded application and the sample UI into one cohesive mobile application.

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