Inspiration: The unpredictable weather of Ohio

How it works: When there is a weather changes, the temperature/humidity sensor inside the hat will react to the weather meanwhile the light on the hat will flash on a different rate. There are sixteen LED lights each represent a temperature range from -10c to 21c.

Challenges I ran into: Had a hard time finding a tech person. Furthermore, a piece of our sewing equipment to use the industrial machines was stolen; the domestic machines were not adapted to the fabrics we used, causing much problems with the assemblage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Worked as as team, good communication. Even though the bluetooth chips did not function, we were able to find another way to execute our original idea.

What we learned: With the heterogeneity of the team's skills, we were able to learn from each other. The less experienced in sewing and assemblage learned from their senior.

What's next for Weather hat: We believe the concept was well found, and that maybe there would be a future for this hat, if it was ameliorated in the aspects that we were not able to approach.

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