1907 brought us PVC (Polyvinylchlorid). One oft he first fossil plastics. It’s been over 100 years and still we are using this tecnique. Worse yet they are fossil, we can not recycle all the plastic and 90 % oft he plastic ends in the ocean and stays there up to 500 years before they finally biodegrate. Since we cannot wait so long, we have to take it out of the ocean and think about alternative solution and take action. Status Quo is no longer an option because of the ongoing increase of green house gas emissions. But how to solve this if citizens have 1)no waste avoidance incentives, 2)no awareness motivation and 3)no citizen participation?


The Interactive Waste Management system communicates the personal waste impact right to the consumer far from big effort or investment for the councils. Values: The interactive Waste management includes and motivates communities and citizen to participate in waste avoidance strategies. And Unlock the potential of consumers participation to design a more envornmental and climate firnedly future.


  1. The ineractive Waste management is using established information technology in a innovative context. Since years the waste industrie uses the waste weight to improve internal efficiency management.
  2. With our Data communication to the consumer we can raises the efficiency to another level
  3. And people can share theire improvement on social media and get feedback.

So how is it going? DEMO

  1. Data weight from the collected waste bins gets collected. Artificial Intelligence analyse the weight and calculates envornmental impact and reduction potential.
  2. The council spreads the information to the households, companies and councils via App, Newspaper or newsletter and starts a incentive compain.
  3. The new knowledge about waste reduction potential and financial benefits motivates people to improve themselfes and their shopping behaviour.
  4. That leads to a high promotion of bulk purchase as well as less package in the supply chain.
  5. Finally 6 Sustainable Development goals are archieved which shows high project relevance.

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