What it does

It's a sensor that's able to detect the speed of a car from a specific distance and if the car is moving faster than the speed limit, the sensor will blink a light and when it passes the sensor after a certain distance, it will turn off.

How we built it

We used java within Instead of using a speed gun, we used a user input, and in place of a light and speaker, we used the console log to print "Red Light. Train noises."

Challenges we ran into

Our group wasn't proficient with python so we had to switch the language we wrote our code halfway as well as we didn't have the appropriate hardware to actually do our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we created a program that could be used in real life

What we learned

Google is a good place to figure out how to do things.

What's next for The Warning-inator © Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc.

Attach it to some hardware and test it.

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