In light of the covid-19 pandemic, as well as hospitals as of lately reaching full capacity, we wanted to create a platform that provided a way for patients to avoid overcrowding in hospitals and get access to resources, especially if they were at high risk of having covid or severe illnesses.

What it does

We wanted to create a platform where patients could easily send diagnostic data to hospitals, without taking up the time of already extremely busy staff. Our website is a virtual waiting room that can take away the risk of contact in physical waiting rooms, something that is especially important during the pandemic. Users can submit a form on our website, answering what type of symptoms they have, which are then triaged by the EndlessMedicalAPI. This information is then sent to a database that can easily be accessed by hospitals. Users can also look for hospitals near them through our Maps API by clicking a link at the top. You can demo our project here!

How we built it

The website design is in basic Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Our website hosting as well as our live database is done through firebase web hosting, something that we’ve definitely come to appreciate. The EndlessMedicalAPI is called in order to triage the symptoms that patients input in our website--the result which we also post into our database. Users also have the option to create an account through Google Firebase authentication which gives them the option to update their information. Additionally, users can find the hospital nearest to them with he use of the Google Maps JavaScript and the Google Places API.

Challenges we ran into

Just waking up was a challenge in itself.

Jokes aside, this was our first time using Firebase, as well as any API in general, and going through the documentation was very tough. HUGE THANKS to William Richardson, our mentor, for his wizard powers in web development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned so many new things in such a short amount of time! It was our first time working with a lot of the technologies we used in this project, and it was really rewarding to see our project functioning. I’m also really proud of the front-end I came up with, especially given that I had to make it in such a short timeframe. We’ve also accounted for multiple submissions of the same email with our coding logic by updating the already existing submission with the matching email, something that surprisingly took a long time.

What we learned

It was our first time working with Firebase, and it was the first time we successfully implemented APIs in a project!

What's next for The Waiting Room

If we were to continue working on this project, we would likely create a system that directly provided the information patients submitted to local hospitals, as well as create an email notification system that notifies patients when spaces in hospitals opened up.

Slack contact info

You can contact David here and Gabby here.

American Express Challenge

You can see our virtual hacker space here here! This is a visual representation of what it's like working remotely with the ultimate hackathon team :^)

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