This project was created for Krizia Araracap, Sam Joffe, and Yann Sartori to learn JavaScript. Darryl Yeo served as their mentor, guiding the three young apprentices through the mystical land as they embarked on their first JavaScript experience. He also used this as an opportunity to practice his slick CSS design skills.

Krizia, Sam, and Yann brainstormed ideas to add to the game and implemented them using their newfound JavaScript knowledge. Whenever they ran into an issue or had a question, Darryl was there to aid.


Wanted to apply newly learned JavaScript skills in a fun and interactive way.

What it does

prompt()s a question to the player and awards EXP points for correct answers. Questions vary from arithmetic problems to geography trivia.

How we built it

Three of us (Krizia, Sam, and Yann) took a crash course in JavaScript on Codecademy. We used JSFiddle to collaborate on the project and bounced ideas off each other as we worked. We tried to incorporate as many features of JavaScript as possible in order to demonstrate our newfound skills.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of choices to make in terms of how to incorporate each language feature into our quiz game. We had a very wide range of experience levels and had to help each other get up to speed, but in the end, we worked very well together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning JavaScript in 3 hours and being able to incorporate it into a full-fledged game right away. The flexibility of our team and how well our jumble of ideas were put together so coherently.

What we learned

JavaScript, and how to incorporate it into an HTML webpage in order to make it interactive.

What's next for The Wackiest Adventure Game You'll Ever Play.

One idea we would like to have implemented is a battle system, where the player's attack power was directly related to how many points he/she has earned from the challenges. Of course, most of us have just started with JavaScript and wouldn't mind refactoring and rewriting the code as we gain more skills.

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