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"Treat yoself" has become a popular catchphrase for young adults across the globe. However, this phenomenon has led to impulsive purchases, expensive nights at the bar, and increases in debt and/or self-loathing. This app aims to curb your impulsive or reasonable purchases by allowing you to quickly make sure you aren't breaking the bank or your budget goals.

What it does

Understands phrases such as "How much money do I have?" and "Can I afford this $7 drink?". It allows for some flexibility in the way you ask these questions. To let users quickly manage their personal account, they can get and set their budgets for monthly transportation, fun, and food, and access their overall account balance. If the user prefers, the response can be spoken back to them (in their preferred accent), but for privacy reasons it is defaulted to just show text.

For the purposes of this demo (since we are unable to access a real bank account), if the user asks if they can afford the purchase and the response is YES, the option to press a button saying "Spend It" comes up. If the user presses "Spend It", their overall balance and budget balance for the category in question changes to reflect the spent amount.

How we built it

Using Android Studio (at which we are all noobs). We also used the Google Speech API library.

Challenges we ran into

ANDROID STUDIO. Can be a pain. Also, git conflicts. Git conflicts everywhere.

Also, we wanted the domain, but it was taken. PLZ CONSIDER US FOR THE PRIZE. We were much sad when we realized we couldn't use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually making a working Android app! It is much trickier than it seems. Also, this application can be super helpful for people who just generally don't keep good track of their personal finances, and make impulsive purchases when they shouldn't, so hopefully this can be developed further to help others.

What we learned

A LOT ABOUT ANDROID! The more you work with Android, the more you appreciate it.

What's next for The Voice of Reason

Sassier responses, language selection, and increased capability of answering questions. Also hopefully connecting it to a bank account.

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